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Where to build your vision

Where to build your vision


We imagine, create and craft stories and emotions since 2010. Since then, the world of media has changed forever and we steadily kept the pace with its innovations: we are production company that has already born digital. We always keep the stake high, no matter the budget: SMART FACTORY’s reputation is the value on which we pinpoint our future. We always start from concepts, not approximation: good ideas are the foundation on which we build any good story. We are beauty seekers and passionate craftsmen, because it’s part of our nature as Italian creative professionals. We have always been hard and fast workers, simply ask our clients about our commitment. Or look for yourselves to SMART FACTORY’s portfolio: ideas speaks louder than any words.

We are always looking for new talents to breed and new partners to involve in our projects. Write to SMART FACTORY and send us your vision: we have high expectations and a keen eye on great ideas and bold creative spirits.