Smart Play

Where to build your vision

Where to build your vision


We imagine, capture and craft stories with passion since 2010.
In the everchanging world of media, with digital outputs at the forefront of any kind of interaction, we keep up with modern trends of communication and strive to provide our clients with innovative products ready for multimedia platforms dissemination: we are digital at heart.
No matter what the budget, we strive to keep production values high and deliver high impact product beyond client’s expectations: we build our future on our reputation and we like to see our customers happy at the end of any production – the ultimate proof of client satisfaction.
We are beauty seekers and passionate craftsmen - it’s part of our nature and our Italian heritage.
For us, every project is a new adventure, an opportunity to show a piece of the world to a wider audience. But good storytelling is based on great ideas and we always search for the core message and the most engaging way for every story to be told.
Commitment, passion and creativity are the guiding principles for all our actions. If you are keen to find out more about what you, your company or brand could get, please take a look at our portfolio: ideas speak louder than words.

We are always looking for new talents to nurture and new partners to involve in our projects. Write to SMART FACTORY and send us your vision: we have a keen eye on for great ideas and bold creative spirits. Set your expectations high!