European Training Foundation

Case History

In a partnership with Cafker Production

We work closely together to create a common working approach on ETF projects which consists of approaching each video project by analyzing its intrinsic qualities, challenges and desired outcomes, taking into account how each video product fits into the broader framework of ETF communication strategies to provide coherent, on – brand, high-impact videos according to professional standards.

We understand that the ETF has a wide range of audiences and requires you to think carefully about the different tones of voice to engage viewers on a peer-to-peer level. Despite the high level of expertise and extensive knowledge within the ETF, we have noticed a secure and informative communication style, but always positive and accessible.

Youth Winter Camp

CIP – Comitato Italiano Paralimpico

With the Public Call promoted by the Italian Paralympic Committee, Smart Factory narrates the compelling stories of boys, girls and families who take up the challenge and approach winter Paralympic sports. A great human and professional challenge.

Ance Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta

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