Kinder Ferrero

A little, a lot

Creative Agency Hub09
Creative director Diego Braghin / Chiara Giuliano Client Manager Digital Strategist Francesca Pergola Agency Producer Roberta Inaudi

Production Smart Factory Video Director Andrea Vernoli
DOP Alessandro Dominici
Photographer Matteo Montaldo Head of production Stefania Bindolo Producer Giorgia Costanzia / Barbara Andriano

Smart Factory has been hired as a Production Company for Digital campaigns Kinder Ferrero, taking care of :

Video Direction, Photography, General Organization of Production, Video & Photo Editing, Motion Graphics & 3D 

Among the most relevant production:  
Kinder Cards // Kinder Applaydu // Kinder Game // Kinder Time // Kinder Bueno // Kinder Freschi // Kinder Cerealè

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